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Phenomenal game, dude!

I love this game so much. at first, you can barely do anything at all. your vision is blurry, you can only crawl, and you can't even jump. then you gain new abilities, making you stronger and stronger, and then mother gets all evil. I loved the ending when you have to escape from the place or else you'll die. I also like the camera views, making it a little harder on bigger rooms, and also giving it some landscape. The music was also great. I was listening to it with my headphones like it said, and it made the experience with this game ten times more realistic. Awesome game, 999/10!

Artsy type game

I love the game, except for the fact that there's no way to restart. I kinda get what you're trying to do with the whole "one chance" type thing, but it's REALLY annoying. I would love to play this game again. (which I have since I know to :D)
In the end, I like the whole idea, but it is really annoying.

418 clicks

lots of fun. totally unique. awesome game.


great artistic game! could be a little longer though, but still terrific.

holy shit!

that's hilarious! I actually WANTED to lose in this game! only thing is, I got as mad as hell when I tried to win. really fun though. 5/5

way too hard

i died on level 24 so much that when i finally finished a had a score of -2040. it only got worse by level 25. overall good game though.

not that bad

it's not that bad, but if it's for kids 5-10, then it doesn't really belong on newgrounds. although, I'll give you some credit. it works properly and everything, but, like what XwaynecoltX said, it probably could use more drawing effects.


Well, there's no originality to it. It's just pac-man. you did change the graphics, though, so at least it's a little different from pac-man.

neh, it's OK

I played it for a couple minutes, then I got bored of it. Try to improve your graphics and add some type of money system where you can choose witch one you want to win and set the amount of cash you get if you win. That would be awesome. :)

good widget thing

really good gadget/widget thing. spent a half-hour messing around with the game. and seriously, it took you ONLY three days to make?! I guess that means anything can be accomplished in about three days. at least.

i-am-not-jesus responds:

Only if you know what you're doing. Or at least kinda know. ;)

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